[FFmpeg-user] Determine timecode of errors

Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) markfilipak at bog.us
Mon Mar 22 00:59:32 EET 2021

On 2021-03-21 05:04, Er Win wrote:
> Hey ffmpeg-user,
> when ffmpeg reports errors it looks like this:
> Error while decoding stream #0:0: Invalid data found when processing input
> [h264 @ 000001d8c0fe9cc0] Invalid NAL unit size (0 > 7208).
> [h264 @ 000001d8c0fe9cc0] Error splitting the input into NAL units.
> How can I find out what is the timecode for the reported error(s) in streams (audio/video)?

Have you tried 'verbose' or 'debug' reporting?
I don't know whether they would report the timecodes but it's worth a try, eh?

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