[FFmpeg-user] concat, "Too many invisible frames"

Emanuel Berg incal at dataswamp.org
Sun Aug 21 01:19:21 EEST 2022

Nicolas George wrote:

> concat is not guaranteed to work with streams that have
> different parameters. There is no way around that without
> transcoding. To normalize, use the concat filter
> and transcode.
> Sorry I cannot be of more help.

On the contrary, but do you have a command for that?

Like this?

    ffmpeg \
      -i $src1 \
      -i $src2 \
      -filter_complex "[0:v] [0:a] [1:v] [1:a] concat=n=2:v=1:a=1 [vv] [aa]" \
      -map "[vv]" \
      -map "[aa]" \


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