[FFmpeg-user] Error decoding DTS-HD MA audio files

rfischer56 at gmail.com rfischer56 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 17:12:48 EEST 2022


Am trying to extract DTS-HD MA audio files from the following Blu-Ray (which
I physically purchased)

KARL RICHTER - J.S. Bach: Cantatas - Pure Audio Recordings

I am getting the same result both with DVDAE and with MakeMKV / MMH which I
believe both use ffmpeg to extract DTS-HD MA. About 80% of the tracks are
correctly extracted to 24/192kHz files and around 20% of the tracks are
extracted to 24/48kHz files which play back at ¼ speed. I then corrected the
speed using 


ffmpeg -i 1.flac -af asetrate=192000 2.flac


This now works on some of my playback equipment. However when I launch
playback of a converted file, it shows 0/192kHz for around 5 seconds and
only then locks to the 24/192kHz stream and plays back. This happens with
files that were correctly extracted to 192kHz and to those that I had to
speed up after the fact. So there seems to be something fundamentally wrong
with the ffmpeg extraction of this BluRay


I have prepared some sample files on one drive


Chapter 4 extracts correctly to 192kHz

Chapter 5 extracts to 48kHz

Both flac extract to not play back correctly on dCS Rossini


Could you please take a look at this? Thanks a lot



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