[FFmpeg-user] Inconsistent format info vs demosaicing for bayer_rggb8

Sebastian Wallkötter sebastian at wallkoetter.net
Fri Mar 4 18:48:49 EET 2022


I'm trying to understand how ffmpeg goes about demosaicing and which Bayer formats are available. Currently, I'm looking at the bayer_rggb8 format, and what is confusing me is that the format info reports that the format has less than 8 bits per component:


However, when I look up how libswscale does the conversion, it treats the format as having 8bit in each element of the Bayer mosaic:


How do these two things reconcile? I am quite certain that this is me misunderstanding something, so a pointer on what I am mixing up would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!


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