[FFmpeg-user] Unable to understand error

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sat Mar 5 20:51:32 EET 2022

On 3/5/2022 6:03 AM, Rukmangadh Sai Myana wrote:
> The issue was that ffmpeg was sending the
> above logs, which don't correspond to any error to STDERR. 
This is common for programs that usually/often send their work-product to 
stdout; the status messages have to go somewhere and that's stderr*. It does 
help to look at the exit status to see if there's really an error (exit 
status = 0 usually means success, even if there was output on stderr).

*ffmpeg does have options to turn off a log of the logging, but there's 
really no need to do that if they can be ignored.

> The python wrapper was interpreting this as an error.
A wrapper written by someone who hasn't experienced that above :).

When scripting things like ffmpeg, I find it helpful to merge stderr and 
stdout into one channel ("2>&1") but look first at the exit status.


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