[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG loudnorm - linear normalization

CMG DiGiTaL cmarciog at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 05:14:42 EET 2022

> Post measured values of your flac files and target values you set?

I use the dual-pass normalization process, loudnorm analyzes the input
audio and generates
the values that will enter pass 2.

First pass:

An observation:
In this pass, I still haven't entered the LUFS target value or the True
peak that I want,  in this step,
loudnorm analyzes the file and only generates the information for the
second pass.
Note below, in the results of the first pass, that the output True peak is
in accordance with the rule, but the output LRA value
generated is smaller than the input LRA value, and, according to the rule,
the normalization will be dynamic.
What happens is that the rule for it to be linear, it never happens, I did
it on 20 FLAC files and this rule for normalization
to be linear never happened!... maybe what Clayton said about limitations
on audio volume up makes sense!

FLAC file values generated in the first pass:

Input Integrated:    *-12.9* LUFS
Input True Peak:      *+0.1* dBTP
Input LRA:              *4.1 *LU
Input Threshold:     *-22.9* LUFS

Output Integrated:   -23.3 LUFS
Output True Peak:    *-10.1* dBTP
Output LRA:            *3.4 LU*
Output Threshold:    -33.3 LUFS

Normalization Type:   Dynamic
Target Offset:        -0.7 LU

The values in bold are the ones that will be entered in the second pass
along with the target LUFS and the True peak
I want (*-10.0* LUFS and *-0.5* True peak) to normalize the file.

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