[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG loudnorm - linear normalization

CMG DiGiTaL cmarciog at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 06:25:54 EET 2022

> Two decades ago I was heavily involved in a music restoration project of
> live concert performances

OK mark, very nice to hear about your audio experience!...I love it, it
makes me feel free and alive!

With this internet audio standardization movement, I'm paying more
attention to this type of LUFS standardization
because my commercial jingles have to be platform compliant. I'm also a fan
of compression and, as today everything
has to be very fast, I'm creating a normalization batch so I don't have to
spend unnecessary money on something that
I can try to do myself, testing a lot beforehand of course!...for this
reason I'm trying to understand where the +7.2 Trim
that the plugin finds in the test audio is applied, to try to make the
batch as correct as possible.


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