[FFmpeg-user] How to transcode to HLS and DASH with mp4 and webm all at once

Stefan Oltmanns stefan-oltmanns at gmx.net
Tue Oct 11 20:06:36 EEST 2022

Hi Clay,

for me storage is not a major concern (the total number of videos will
not be that high), but device compatibility is (including older
devices). Apple does not seem to support CMAF on older devices, only
MPEG-TS, therefore I'll stick to MPEG-TS. There are also some approaches
like mux.js that are intended to remux the stream as needed in the
browser, but I rather stick to MP4/MPEG2-TS.

I have not played with ffmpeg-python yet, but good to know. I  started
writing a PHP script that generates a ffmpeg command-line for
transcoding a specific video (in fact multiple, because ffmpeg got
killed when I tried to transcode to all formats at once: my system ran
out of it's 64 GB memory...).

I still couldn't figure out how generate a single DASH manifest for webm
and mp4 files. That should be possible, because dash.js added support
for that in 4.0 and shaka seems to have always supported that.

Best regards

Am 11.10.22 um 17:00 schrieb Clay via ffmpeg-user:
> Hi Steve
> Have you looked into CMAF for this solution?  I am also working on some
> complex transcoding and packaging actions for HLS ABR delivery.  I am
> looking into using CMAF to reduce the overall storage footprint (gpu/cpu
> threads still cost a lot more than storage).  Also, I am experimenting
> with ffmpeg-python (https://github.com/kkroening/ffmpeg-python), have
> you (or anyone reading this) played around with it?
> *I apologize to the forum for the accidental prior message (inadvertent
> click :-P)
> Liberty & Regard,
> Clay
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