[FFmpeg-user] encode to RAW video

Naveen.B navins.2006 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 19:36:22 EEST 2022

> Are you sure that there is a file CapturedImage-000.raw ?
> You forgot to specify the input pixel format.
> Many parameters are missing for the raw output. But the error message is
> from the input.
> Do you really want raw video? That's not the easiest format for a beginner.
> Everything must be specified for the input (file format, pixel format,
> size, framerate, and whatever I may have forgotten...) and the same
> things must be specified for the output again.
> [image: image.png]
> this error pops up when I add the flag -f rawvideo (I have a raw files,
> should this be used for raw video?)
I tried by giving the input with -pix_fmt, it's the same error.

Yes, I want raw video. I have converted RAW files to .mp4 successfully with
uncompressed, the size of the .mp4 format video was less comparatively.
I have 30 RAW files with each file is around 4Mbps (so, 30 RAW
filesx4Mbps=180Mbps for one second), the output of the video file size
(.mp4) is coming around 18 Mbps, so I am assuming .mp4 video format is
doing some compression and hence I need to try this with RAW video.

This is the command I tried for .mp4 file video which is coming 18Mbps as
output video file size,
*ffmpeg -pixel_format gray10le -s 1600x1300 -r 30 -i CapturedImage-%03d.raw
-c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset fast -profile:v main -level:v 4.0
-crf 1 raw_video.mp4*

Please show us the command output of making an mp4 file.
> It really sounds as if you haven't studied the documentation very well.
> Likewise, raw video output is generally one of the worst "formats"; if you
> simply want -uncompressed- video, put it into an AVI container.
> Please refer to the above reply, I have managed already to get in -mp4
format, I am trying to get the raw video file as output.
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