[FFmpeg-user] What is a "pad" in the context of an "input pad", an "output pad" and a "filter pad"

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Oct 28 18:51:42 EEST 2022

Am 28.10.22 um 17:46 schrieb Carl Zwanzig:
> In the case of ffmpeg _filters_, it looks like #3 is closest as a point 
> of interconnection but #2 could apply to 'pad' and 'apad' although IMHO 
> 'fill' would be a better term

not in the IT world

padding in a video means add black borders to have 300x200 resultioon 
while the source is 300x180, so add 10px padding on top and bottom

CSS: style="padding:10px;" and now since MSIE no longer exists you can 
rely on the box-model

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