[FFmpeg-user] Reading bwf metaedit md5 value with ffprobe

Tobias Rapp t.rapp at noa-archive.com
Thu Aug 3 10:20:37 EEST 2023

On 02/08/2023 17:43, Stuart Robinson wrote:
> I think Wavelab (since at least 8.5 and up to the current version) can also read and write that chunk so it must be standardised in some way.
> I t would be useful to be able to do be able to read and write this tag, is it possible to make a feature request?
> It seems to just tack on some data to the end of the file.
> <?xpacket end="w"?>MD5    ÇúR
§üªû õ
> Thanks, Stuart
 From what I understand you could achieve the same effect (MD5 checksum 
of the data part only) using a command-line like:

ffmpeg -i INPUT.wav -f md5 -c copy - 2>NUL

But then you have to store the checksum output somewhere, either in a 
sidecar file or a database. My recommendation would be to do it like 
this and store the checksum of the whole file. That way it will work 
with any kind of file in your processing chain - AVI, PDF, WAV, 
Matroska, etc.

Regards, Tobias

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