[FFmpeg-user] about HD530 using hevc_qsv encode 's problem

Ferdi Scholten ferdi at sttc-nlp.nl
Thu Aug 3 19:25:45 EEST 2023

I’m try using ffmpeg to encode HEVC video in Windows 10 , just like this
> ffmpeg -ss 10:00 -i test.mkv -to 0:30 -c:v hevc_qsv  test2.mkv
> the ouput file test2.mkv can be played , but it  can’t be fast forward or back forward, once use the left key or right key to seek the movie,
> the video will be frozen.
> I’ve tried some paras ,  -idr_interval  …
> They all can’t work.
> How can I solve this problem
Setting a gop size might do the trick use -g with a sane number 
depending on the framerate of your video.
e.g. specifying -g 60 with a video that has a framerate of 60 will have 
a keyframe every second. Most players seek forward/backward using keyframes.

However keyframes take more space so the more keyframes you have, the 
bigger the video will become. So better seekability comes with a bigger 
> My CPU i5-6500
> Video card is HD530
> Memory 16G
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