[FFmpeg-user] mplayer's vdpau output broke after ffmpeg git be07145109074e128bd7a8255d81a2b9fdcdf10b

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 05:31:02 EEST 2023

I was testing nouveau's vdpau state tracker and realized only MPlayer
1.5 was working, but not svn.

I bisected ffmpeg embedded in mplayer's tree and found this:

be07145109074e128bd7a8255d81a2b9fdcdf10b is the first bad commit
commit be07145109074e128bd7a8255d81a2b9fdcdf10b
Author: Lynne <dev at lynne.ee>
Date:   Thu Mar 10 18:03:05 2022 +0100

    avcodec: add AVHWAccel.free_frame_priv callback

git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [47ac3e60653da651dfa064b649d0ac297560d8d5] version.h: Bump
minor post 6.0 branch
git bisect good 47ac3e60653da651dfa064b649d0ac297560d8d5
# bad: [81a48d96e2c343625da54a19ca9ac33691cd6699] cbs_h266:
slice_header, fix inference for pred_weight_table
git bisect bad 81a48d96e2c343625da54a19ca9ac33691cd6699
# good: [74b202b8395e7ce7150a51d682c342dbd83262bc] hwcontext_vulkan:
enable VK_KHR_synchronization2 if supported
git bisect good 74b202b8395e7ce7150a51d682c342dbd83262bc
# bad: [46a5b9e2c063f7a6776323afdebe6d9558ba96c1]
avcodec/tests/avcodec: Remove unnecessary internal.h inclusion
git bisect bad 46a5b9e2c063f7a6776323afdebe6d9558ba96c1
# bad: [091705cd55afe08f0c85d673dc924856fef9ae6e]
avformat/mov_demuxer: Extended MOV demuxer to handle EVC video content
git bisect bad 091705cd55afe08f0c85d673dc924856fef9ae6e
# bad: [87b576135e4b647ed5e434dd0d6acd09538f915e]
fftools/ffmpeg_filter: factor out binding an output stream to
git bisect bad 87b576135e4b647ed5e434dd0d6acd09538f915e
# bad: [e49b8b48cd4362392d28c7e0dcf04744aaf1ace7] av1: set skip mode
frames properly
git bisect bad e49b8b48cd4362392d28c7e0dcf04744aaf1ace7
# good: [b15104ed97185e3e66d7a29322f656b358f54252] vulkan: add support
for retrieving queue, query and video properties
git bisect good b15104ed97185e3e66d7a29322f656b358f54252
# good: [d26cbae3e18afb22e170baf1af17392c975353c7] flip_vulkan: port
for the rewrite
git bisect good d26cbae3e18afb22e170baf1af17392c975353c7
# good: [9675e54b02acb7cdd6c3d655c9f09eba9f23ec6f]
avutil/hwcontext_vulkan: add libplacebo required features
git bisect good 9675e54b02acb7cdd6c3d655c9f09eba9f23ec6f
# bad: [023ae6103f0e0db1610ef3988290e37fea47661d] libavcodec: add
Vulkan common video code
git bisect bad 023ae6103f0e0db1610ef3988290e37fea47661d
# bad: [be07145109074e128bd7a8255d81a2b9fdcdf10b] avcodec: add
AVHWAccel.free_frame_priv callback
git bisect bad be07145109074e128bd7a8255d81a2b9fdcdf10b
# good: [09dc9193ea527f32e473456433c4e0c317a8f513] lavfi: add bwdif_vulkan
git bisect good 09dc9193ea527f32e473456433c4e0c317a8f513
# first bad commit: [be07145109074e128bd7a8255d81a2b9fdcdf10b]
avcodec: add AVHWAccel.free_frame_priv callback

MPlayer svn

r38435 | ib | 2023-07-17 13:05:58 +0300 (Пн, 17 июл 2023) | 2 lines

Revise comments in the desktop file.

command for compiling:

 ./configure --enable-debug && make -j8

command for testing

./mplayer -vc ffh264vdpau ~/botva/vid/Selfie\ \&\ Delfie\,\ Dolphins\
in\ the\ Baltic\ Sea-jXvJgEcRLpQ.mp4

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