[FFmpeg-user] How To Fix No Sound on Ubuntu in Hyper-V

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Mon Aug 28 12:20:33 EEST 2023

It seems that a lot of concepts are being mixed here-

What are you actually trying to do? Run ffmpeg in a VM or in windows? 
Serve content outbound or play something?

On 8/26/2023 3:14 AM, aperry at free.fr wrote:
> First, I've installed ffmpeg 6.0 both on VMUbuntu and the host machine
> Windows.

> Then under Windows Power Shell the command : ffplay -nodisp -ac 2 -acodec
> pcm_s16le -ar 48000 -analyzeduration 0 -probesize 32 -f s16le -i udp://
>  > I get lots of data (see below)
That's just the start-up message, there could be a -lot- more.

> My questions :
> 1.	How could I know the ffmpeg server is really launched ? Via Task
> Manager, I dont see anything, neither Process, nor Services
 > 2.	is the IP right ? :18181 looks odd, isn't it ?

server? It you're trying to play something from a link it must point to 
the source (thus the IP is definitely wrong). If you're trying make it 
available to another player, nothing to play is specified.

You don't need to use powershell to run the windows executables, cmd.exe 
is fine.

What part does the VM ubuntu play in this? How does ffmpeg behave when 
running in the VM?

(Please copy/paste the command output into the body of the email instead 
of doing screen captures, that's much easier for people to see).


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