[FFmpeg-user] How To Fix No Sound on Ubuntu in Hyper-V

aperry at free.fr aperry at free.fr
Tue Aug 29 17:05:58 EEST 2023

Sorry, I try to be more clear :
1. The ffplay command runs on my Windows 10 machine
2. The option -i udp:// ? does mean accept incoming connections on all network
interfaces of your machine.==> OK, I've figured it
3. PowerShell versus cmd.exe on Windows machine ==> OK
4. What am I trying to do ? : let's have a look.
   On my Windows 10 machine, I've installed Hyper-V ==> OK
   Then I've installed a VM Ubuntu 22.04 ==> OK
   But no sound heared from my VM ; this fact seems to be very frequent
(with Windows Hyper-V and Linux (Ubuntu and others)).
   Certainly, MS Support gives somme ways to solve this issue, but all are
without any effect.
   Further more, I've looked for lot of tricks founded on the Web, all of
then telling : "Wonderfull, nice, it's works : I get sound !!!"
   But unfortunately, for me all these tricks were irelevant ==> sob
   Luckily, one of the tricks propose to use ffmpeg to hold media streams.
This strategy seems fine to me, as all the tricks I mentioned upwards used
vain modifications of settings, either on the host Windows, or the VM
   That's were I am : use ffmpeg to get sound from my VM Ubuntu.
   And I go forward step by step : the current one is to test ffmpeg on my
host Windows ; the test of ffmpeg on the VM will follow later

5. So, as I'm all new to manage media stream with ffmpeg, I need a simple
way to know if the listener is efficient.
    Thanks a lot for advices your community sent me :
   a) It is running until it does not exit with or without error in your
terminal ==> OK : no error
   b) May use sockstat.exe to check for listening socket.  ==> sockstat.dll
in not installed on my Windows machine, and as a miserable earthworm, I've
not the skill to install it.
        I used "netstat" : many lines with my IP address but none with port
   c) Adapt command like "ffmpeg -i in.wav -c:a pcm_s16le -f s16le
udp://<your machine ip>:18181
       So I did with a "lion.wav" and my IP  ==> well I hear some nose, not
looking lion's one, but this could certainly be improved with right options
which are so numerous in the package,
       but it is not the point : the command proves the listener receive a
stream  ==> That's all folks, now I can go further steps from VM Ubuntu side

Well, thanks a lot, guys, for your lighted advices and Force be with you.


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On Mon, 28 Aug 2023 20:45:32 +0000
Carl Zwanzig <cpz at tuunq.com> wrote:

> On 8/28/2023 5:58 AM, Anatoly wrote:
> >> 2.	is the IP right ? :18181 looks odd, isn't it ?  
> > Right. dees mean accept incoming connections on all network 
> > interfaces of your machine.
> But you have '-i' before the URL, making it an input.
Yet, yes, this is input. ffplay will accept incoming UDP connection, It will
act as a server, waiting for client connection and input stream from client.

> What is this "Jacob's trick" mentioned in the first email?
Probably it's about making somehow s16le UDP stream out of pulseaudio output
on guest machine and sending that stream to listening ffplay on host
machine. But we waiting what OP will tell us.
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