[FFmpeg-user] Does "cat" degrade video quality?

pehache pehache.7 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 17:07:51 EET 2023

Le 02/12/2022 à 13:36, MyCraigs List via ffmpeg-user a écrit :
> I'm running Debian 11.
> I use the command line "cat" to concatenate videos of all the same quality together.  All VOB files are cat'd together and none others.  The second bunch of videos I cat together are from a Sony video camera and are "MTS" files.  That's to say I do not cat VOB and MTS files together.
> The command I use for VOB is (at command line) $ cat File_1.VOB  File_2.VOB> New_File_1.VOBThe command I use for MTS is (at command line) $ cat File_1.MTS File_2.MTS> New_File_2.MTS
> Not wanting to lose any video or audio quality, does "cat" files degrade their quality?  

The answer is definitely "no"

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