[FFmpeg-user] ffprobe error return

Yazhou (William) He hyz2993 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 23:51:31 EET 2023

On Wed, 18 Jan 2023 at 19:02, Carl Zwanzig <cpz at tuunq.com> wrote:

> Pretty much everything confirms that you have a corrupt file. You might be
> able to scrape some metadata out since it's partly playable, but IIRC most
> of the interesting MP4 metadata is at the end (unless the file was
> re-created for "fast start").

> Just based on that, it's possible (likely?) that the file wasn't properly
> "finalized" when it was created, but I am not an expert here. You should
> able salvage the readable streams into another file by copying them with

Seems that it is at the end of the video. Unfortunately, the video is also
unreadable for the last a few seconds. No matter where I tried to crop from,
the error is alway waiting for me. I will do further search on collecting
stream. Thanks for the guidance!

> Is there specific metadata that you need?

I was looking for some data like colour space and pixel format. While I
actually have the value as I have some completed media files from the same

> Also, please find out what "top-posting" is and avoid doing so on this
mailing list.

Thanks a mill for this tip! TBH this is the first time I contact with this
method. It is cool! While it's not easy to manually format the text so
hopefully I can
find a tool to help.

Also sorry for the mail title format! Will correct the next time :)


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