[FFmpeg-user] R: Black screen when capturing Windows desktop with audio (gdigrab, dshow)

info at mbsoft.biz info at mbsoft.biz
Mon Jan 23 15:32:05 EET 2023

> My tests show that this issue does not depend on the encoders.
> I tested libx264 (with fast, veryfast, ultrafast presets)/aac and
libvpx-vp9/libvorbis encoder combinations with the same result.

the problem is that gdigrab is an obsolete module, it uses the old gdi
technology of Windows XP. It should be updated to the new Windows Graphics
Capture API method as I suggested here: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/9413
but noone seems interested. The new version of gstreamer has the plugin
"d3d11screencapturesrc" which allows you to capture screens or individual
windows easily and without any problems.

On ffmpeg you can try ddagrab instead of gdigrab to see if you have better


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