[FFmpeg-user] Passing headers to encrypted hls stream in ffmpeg

Nitin Singh acc4nitin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 17:13:53 EET 2023

Hi !

I am using ffmpeg 5.1. I want to save encrypted aes-128 hls in which
the decrypting key link is in m3u8 stream link. I am able to pass
headers & get m3u8 file content using :

ffmpeg  -headers "Hvar1: hvalue1" -headers "Hvar2: hvalue2" -headers
"Hvar3: hvalue3" -i "http://media.link/mediafile.m3u8" -t 30 -c copy
output.mkv -loglevel debug

The content of mediafile.m3u8  is like this :


-loglevel debug is showing that headers are being passed to fetch the
content from "http://media.link/mediafile.m3u8".
But the problem is with getting remote key file i.e.
https://media.key.link/live/media-10.key as it needs the same headers
to get fetched and those same headers are not getting passed to remote
key file url and I get this error :

[http @ 0x01] No trailing CRLF found in HTTP header. Adding it.
[hls @ 0x01] Skip ('#EXT-X-VERSION:3')
[hls @ 0x01] Opening 'https://media.key.link/live/media-10.key' for reading
[https @ 0x01] HTTP error 403 Forbidden
[hls @ 0x01] Unable to open key file https://media.key.link/live/media-10.key
[hls @ 0x01] Opening 'crypto+http://media.link/media-20.ts' for reading
[hls @ 0x01] Opening 'crypto+http://media.link/media-25.ts' for reading
[hls @ 0x01] Error when loading first segment 'http://media.link/media-20.ts'
http://media.link/mediafile.m3u8: Invalid data found when processing input

       How do I pass the headers to remote key file url as well ?


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