[FFmpeg-user] How to compile static FFmpeg to a .so file?

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Tue Jan 31 21:12:35 EET 2023

On 1/31/2023 10:46 AM, Ricardo Zacarias wrote:
> I thought that shared object files (.so) were similar to dynamically
> linked libraries (.dll) and that they can be used as executables. 

They are, and they can't.
Real DLLs cannot be directly executed but they can be called by executable 
files. The same is true for .so files on *nix.

(I am ignoring the possibility that someone has put .so or .dll on an 
otherwise correct executable file- you -could- create an executable of 
ffmpeg and called ffmpeg.so (or "asdf.qwer") and directly execute that, but 
it's way past "not recommended". If something is called .so, it's assumed to 
be a shared-object file.)

> So if I can get ffmpeg to be built as a dll, should I not be able to
> create a .so file for ffmpeg to execute through?
It sounds like you are really unclear on the differences between shared 
*libraries* and *executable files*. It's also unclear what problem you are 
trying to solve; the solution you seem to be looking for is probably the 
wrong one.



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