[FFmpeg-user] Record N RTSP frames and average into 1 jpg? In a loop?

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sun Jul 9 06:52:09 EEST 2023

On 7/8/2023 3:37 PM, Steven Kan wrote:
> I believe the Wyze cam runs at 20 fps, unadjustable, and I’m guessing the
> LEDs are flickering at our U.S. AC line frequency of 60 Hz.
Probably, but that gives three flashes per frame interval.

> Fortunately they’re very slightly asynchronous, so the black bands
> “crawl” with a frequency of about 1/32 Hz.

Which then suggests that one of them is running slow :).

> But your idea about separating the power is a good one. 

If this is in a commercial environment and 3-phase to the building, try 
powering the lights to another phase; that'll change when they flash by 
1/180th of a second.

Best solution is to replace the lights with something that doesn't flicker 
at the line rate.

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