[FFmpeg-user] Issue with ffmpeg 8:4.3.6-0+deb 11u1+rpt2 ?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Jul 10 17:01:27 EEST 2023

Am 10.07.23 um 15:46 schrieb Gordon Train:
> I have a python script on a Raspberry Pi which captures Video frames and
> then l use cv2.VideoWriter , which l believe uses ffmpeg in Linux, to write
> mp4 files.
> Code https://github.com/Gordon999/Pi_Videoer
> All worked fine until this latest pi update which now includes this version
> of ffmpeg and now l get very red mp4s.
> Command l am using...
> Out =
> cv2.VideoWriter(logfile,cv2.VideoWriter_fourcc(*'H2264'),25,(1088,1088)))
> I am using RaspiOS 64bit, and simply install opencv with sudo apt install
> python3-opencv
> Hopefully this is the correct place to ask this


when you can't even figure out IF ith uses ffmpeg (which l believe uses 
ffmpeg in Linux) you are wrong here

this mailing list is about the ffmpeg cli-binary

without the full ffmpeg command and it's output it's not possible to 
help you

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