[FFmpeg-user] Record N RTSP frames and average into 1 jpg? In a loop?

Steven Kan steven at kan.org
Mon Jul 10 21:09:13 EEST 2023

> As I mentioned before, try some different LED lights to see if they still show the problem, then you'll know where to put the effort. Or try a different camera. Or try to pull stills from the camera instead of motion video.
> In the end, no matter how much processing is done, it's still garbage-in/garbage-out, post-processing can't make up for missing information.

The stills have the banding, which is why I thought I’d try average frames from video to get rid of it. Averaging will definitely work; I’m just trying to figure out the optimal value for N.

Whoops! I see now that I swapped the image links in my OP. Here’s the banding from one frame:


Here’s the result of averaging 500 frames:


The banding is mostly gone, but still detectable. That’s why I want to run a loop from, say, 400 - 500 and see which value gives me the least amount of detectable banding.

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