[FFmpeg-user] Unable to crop JPG to a size with odd (non-even) dimensions

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Jul 16 11:28:54 EEST 2023

Sam Logan (12023-07-16):
> I am trying to precisely crop a JPG. The problem is that when I try to crop
> to dimensions that are odd (non-even), FFmpeg is forcing the output to
> instead be even. For example, if I try to crop to 585x1040...:
> ffmpeg -i "Input.jpg" -vf crop=585:1040:0:0 "Output.jpg"
> ...then FFmpeg instead generates a 584x1040 image. How do I force my
> desired cropping to 585x1040?

You probably need to specify a pixel format without chroma subsampling.
Next time, post your complete console output, as specified in the rules
of this list, so we do not have to guess.


  Nicolas George
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