[FFmpeg-user] timeout ffmpeg, Ctrl+C -> Immediate exit requested

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Jul 23 12:23:42 EEST 2023

Andriy Utkin (12023-07-22):
> I tend to run ffmpeg with "timeout" when I am recording something which has a predictable duration limit.
> That works well, but surprise comes when I attend to that process and hit Ctrl+C earlier.
> It terminates, but with "Immediate exit requested" message, which implies not flushing buffered frames in the encoder and the container is also not finalized. This happens *almost* every time.
> This doesn't happen when "timeout" utility is not used. Ctrl+C just terminates the process gracefully.


That means your timeout utility got impatient and sent a second SIGINT.
The first interrupted the transcoding process and started the flushing.
The second interrupted the flushing itself.

Three SIGINT in a row interrupt everything immediately. On the whole it
is a rather reasonable behavior. Just configure timeout to wait enough
time between the first and second.


  Nicolas George
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