[FFmpeg-user] Encoding with vaapi: The same frame is outputted

Xiang, Haihao haihao.xiang at intel.com
Thu Jul 27 03:54:27 EEST 2023

> I am attempting to encode video using VAAPI's hardware acceleration. I have
> managed to obtain NV12 format data and used the hwupload filter or
> av_hwframe_transfer_data API to upload them to the GPU. Finally, I obtained
> an H.264 format .mp4 file. However, the video appears to only have the
> first 3-4 frames from my input data, with the following frames being
> identical.
> My hardware setup consists of a Linux PC with an AMD Radeon graphics card,
> and vainfo reports no issues (I have tested ffmpeg command line output
> using VAAPI, and it works perfectly).
> My ffmpeg is configured with the following command line:
> ./configure --enable-shared --enable-libvpx --enable-libvorbis
> --enable-vaapi --enable-debug
> I have attached my source file and Makefile. Could you please help me
> identify what I am doing wrong?

You may refer to FFmpeg example below, it works fine in my side.



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