[FFmpeg-user] Requesting colormatrix advice

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Nov 8 01:29:49 EET 2023

Michael Koch (12023-11-07):
> That's a good summary of the current state. I did also try to understand
> this stuff some time ago, without success.

Except for this:

> > Interactions between all of this are not documented anywhere.

This is completely untrue, and Phil has been familiar with FFmpeg for
enough time that we can consider it intentional: it is a lie.

Video manipulation is a difficult topic, there are lots of ways of doing
similar things that will yield subtly different results. The ability to
chose the right one comes with experience and effort.

Unfortunately, both Phil and Mark have repeatedly shown they had no
intention of making any effort themselves, their policy is to expect
somebody to do the job for them gratis and insult the project when that
does not happen.


  Nicolas George
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