[FFmpeg-user] Seeking Efficient Video Redaction Using FFMPEG with Limited Memory Usage

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Wed Nov 8 09:40:46 EET 2023

On 11/7/2023 3:34 PM, Nicolas George wrote:
> Libavfilter is at least linear in the number of filters for each single
> step of the filtering. That means a filter graph with 2000 filters will
> take at least 200 times as much power than a graph with 10 filters.
> Really a lot more, because larger graphs tend to be deeper too.

Does 'power' in this case mean cpu usage or something else? How about 
memory- does a filter chain hold all the intermediate frames or discard them 
(deallocate the memory) once a particular filter has executed.

(Or point me to a place in the code to look at this; I'm not afraid of 
reading the code if I know where to start.)



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