[FFmpeg-user] Recording audio streams from network using segmentation

Jarno Suni j_suni at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 9 11:13:10 EET 2023

Is it always advisable to use stream_segment instead of segment muxer when recording stereo radio streams? I wish the recordings would be seekable in practice by most common players. For example, I have found that my opus/oga streams are not fast seekable by Musicolet/Android, but on the other hand seek fast by VLC/Android, but isn't oga always without global timestamping index? If I record e.g. a mp3 stream does the muxer choice (between segment and ssegment) make any difference?

I want to cut segments at 00:00. Are there general hints on getting as precise results as possible? The documentation says: "The segment muxer works best with a single constant frame rate video." Some of the recorded audio-only streams may have variable bitrate. What kind of issues you may expect from that?

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