[FFmpeg-user] UVC Interlaced Video

Zdravko Ćirić zdravkociric88 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 12:04:46 EET 2023

Hello all,

I'm trying to combine an alternating fields interlaced video stream from an
UVC video device. The device is an analog (CVBS) to digital converter that
supports Interlaced video through usage of the FID flag in the UVC data
headers. USB Video Class documentation explanation "One field per sample:
Each sample contains only one field and the FID bit is used to indicate
whether a given video sample contains a top field or a bottom field".
Stream frame size is 720x288pix at 50fps and the output video should be
"combed" and result in a 720x576pix video at 25fps.

I tried weave and tinterlace filters but it works on random as ffmpeg seems
to miss the data regarding the field polarity.

Could ffmpeg make use of this flag so that i can join two fields in one
frame in correct order?

Thank you in advance

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