[FFmpeg-user] A question about video encoding.

Aditya Dandavate adityadandavate04 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 19:23:10 EET 2023

I have an Intel Pentium G3240 processor.
This is a quite a low end processor and even x264 etc is cpu-intensive and
even encoding with this encoder is really slow. (6.0 to 6.5 fps with medium

I encoded some videos with mpeg4 video encoder and h264_qsv encoder. The
results I got was the speed of h264_qsv with preset veryslow, is almost the
same to mpeg4 -q:v 5, with 15000k bitrate for both encoders. libopus was
audio encoder with 320kbps bitrate for both encoding settings.
(h264_qsv = 16-17 fps, mpeg4 = 18-19 fps).

So, Should I stick to h264_qsv or mpeg4 ? In general, which encoder gives
higher quality at the same bitrate ?

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