[FFmpeg-user] More Liberal Licensing

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Tue Nov 28 21:43:52 EET 2023

 > So whether or not you agree with the current licensing structure, if you> want to use ffmpeg components you have to play by those rules.
Well, of course, but that's not really my concern: it's more that even if you were playing by the rules, it might actually be quite difficult to prove that. Someone could claim that the source code being distributed was not the source code used to compile the binary in question, and it would be next to impossible to prove otherwise - especially as you'd be trying to persuade a court full of people who are not software engineers and have only the haziest understanding of what code and compiled objects even are.
This is not a problem specific to ffmpeg, it's just a piece of software that seems especially likely to be targeted for this sort of thing, given what it does.

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