[FFserver-user] the server crashes when runing shell script that starts ffserver

Victor Petrescu victor.petrescu13 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 15:33:13 CEST 2011

First... solved the problem... I forgot to use dumpstream on one mplayer and
it was trying to show me the stream instead of dumping it and... I dunno why
exactly it crashed but now is ok.

On your note... I do something like you do... but I use rtp instead of html
and... is fine. Except the classic buffer error and some other small
problems at the beginning is quite ok.

Now I have only one more problem witch I asked before I know but... I try

Everything works great for 1,2,3,4... lets say 8 users. But then if I try to
enter with one more he doesn't receive anything.
The constants specifieing the number of users/http connections etc. are set
to 1000.

Any takers? :)

2011/4/6 Anthony Brown <av at bsbc.nb.ca>

> On 11-04-06 06:09 AM, Victor Petrescu wrote:
>  The problem is that when the cron is runned the system crashes (actually
>> I not really crashes the stream (witch I see from another computer) is
>> working perfectly but I can't do anything on the machine. The screen
>> becomes black and I can't do anything except to restart it). I have a
>> script that kills the anterior processes. If I uses it the stream stops,
>> but I still don't regain access to the system (same black screeen
>> whatever I do).
> I'm slightly surprised that it even runs at all: in my experience, ffmpeg
> gets upset if it loses it's console.  I think that sends it a SIGHUP and
> then it stops.
> My usual solution for running ffmpeg in a cron job is to use nohup.  It
> also avoids having to route ffmpeg's verbiage to /dev/null and saves it in a
> file in case you want to see what went wrong.
> On a totally unrelated note, one other thing I do with scripting ffserver
> stuff is to run the ffmpeg task by turning it into an upstart job.  That
> way, when it crashes it can be respawned and I don't lose my feed.  It's
> also possible to run it inside a while forever sort of loop.  I have found
> that the ffmpeg task often gets upset with incoming streams (at least with
> the one I send it which, as I have mentioned before is HDV over firewire
> from my camera ingested into VLC on a WinXP box and sent by http to
> ffmpeg/ffserver).  I routinely get "non-monotone timestamp errors" which
> abort ffmpeg.  Putting it in an upstart job works around that problem.  Now
> instead of losing the feed entirely, all I get is a short glitch.
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