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Anthony Brown av at bsbc.nb.ca
Mon Mar 28 22:41:00 CEST 2011

On 11-03-28 05:20 PM, Victor Petrescu wrote:
> That's the first version I tried and it just hangs. Doesn't stream
> anything, nor return error. After about 2 weeks of researching why it
> does that I found the version with the mplayer, witch works.
> The entire goals is to stream with vlc from a computer to a server and
> then again so that step can not be bypassed.
> If you can tell me how to do it so the ffmpeg works directly with the
> stream without mplayer i'd be gladly to skip that step.

I have a setup that uses VLC to grab an 18.3Mbps HDV 720p60 feed over 
firewire from my camera to a winXP box.  This is sent using http 
streaming over gigE from the XP box which has the firewire card to an 
ubuntu box which has ffmpeg and ffserver.  It works.

In my case, HDV is already mpeg2 transport stream, so VLC does no 
transcoding, just dumps it to http.  My ffmpeg line is something like 
ffmpeg -i http://blahblahblah:8080/live http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm

Seems that the two big differences are (1) you're trying to do some 
processing (-r 24) in your ffmpeg line.  I don't think that you can do 
that.  Also I use http rather than rtp.  You might changing one or both 
of these.

Another possible difference is that my ffserver stream is also mpeg2 at 
18.3Mbps.  Thus, in theory, ffmpeg doesn't have to transcode, either 
(though in practice it does since ffserver has no way of knowing that 
the incoming stream is already in the right format).  So it could also 
be a problem with the format of your stream coming from VLC.  You don't 
say what the output format of VLC is, you might try using something 
different as the output of VLC to see if that helps.  I would naturally 
suggest getting VLC to transcode to mpeg2 transport since I know that 

You could also try streaming from ffserver in a different format, 
although, since it does work with the mplayer interposed that's probably 
not the issue.

If it's any consolation, it took me about 2 months to figure out exactly 
how to make all this stuff work right, and even now I'm still working 
out bugs.  In case you're interested, my goal is to capture our entire 
morning worship service in HD, while also streaming the sermon portion 
of it, that occurs at some unknown time in the middle, to a remote 
location in quasi-real time just with an arbitrary time delay.



Anthony Brown
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Brunswick Street Baptist Church
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