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Victor Petrescu victor.petrescu13 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 23:37:14 CEST 2011

Sorry for double question but:

You said something about change-ing the cacheing value... how do I do that?
Both for vlc and ffmpeg?

Thank you for your time.

2011/3/28 Victor Petrescu <victor.petrescu13 at gmail.com>

> Well... I try to do something similar of what you did... except that I have
> a camera witch I don't know what format returns. From vlc I get mpeg-ts
> container, mpeg1, 2600kbps. My problem is that any protocol I use the ffmpeg
> just hangs... I tried them all. That's why I put the mplayer between.
> I'll try http again... still I don't think it will magically work :).
> P.S. Is not a consolation... I'm getting near 2 months also and it can be
> really frustrating.
> 2011/3/28 Anthony Brown <av at bsbc.nb.ca>
>> On 11-03-28 05:20 PM, Victor Petrescu wrote:
>>> That's the first version I tried and it just hangs. Doesn't stream
>>> anything, nor return error. After about 2 weeks of researching why it
>>> does that I found the version with the mplayer, witch works.
>>> The entire goals is to stream with vlc from a computer to a server and
>>> then again so that step can not be bypassed.
>>> If you can tell me how to do it so the ffmpeg works directly with the
>>> stream without mplayer i'd be gladly to skip that step.
>> I have a setup that uses VLC to grab an 18.3Mbps HDV 720p60 feed over
>> firewire from my camera to a winXP box.  This is sent using http streaming
>> over gigE from the XP box which has the firewire card to an ubuntu box which
>> has ffmpeg and ffserver.  It works.
>> In my case, HDV is already mpeg2 transport stream, so VLC does no
>> transcoding, just dumps it to http.  My ffmpeg line is something like ffmpeg
>> -i http://blahblahblah:8080/live http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm
>> Seems that the two big differences are (1) you're trying to do some
>> processing (-r 24) in your ffmpeg line.  I don't think that you can do that.
>>  Also I use http rather than rtp.  You might changing one or both of these.
>> Another possible difference is that my ffserver stream is also mpeg2 at
>> 18.3Mbps.  Thus, in theory, ffmpeg doesn't have to transcode, either (though
>> in practice it does since ffserver has no way of knowing that the incoming
>> stream is already in the right format).  So it could also be a problem with
>> the format of your stream coming from VLC.  You don't say what the output
>> format of VLC is, you might try using something different as the output of
>> VLC to see if that helps.  I would naturally suggest getting VLC to
>> transcode to mpeg2 transport since I know that works....
>> You could also try streaming from ffserver in a different format,
>> although, since it does work with the mplayer interposed that's probably not
>> the issue.
>> If it's any consolation, it took me about 2 months to figure out exactly
>> how to make all this stuff work right, and even now I'm still working out
>> bugs.  In case you're interested, my goal is to capture our entire morning
>> worship service in HD, while also streaming the sermon portion of it, that
>> occurs at some unknown time in the middle, to a remote location in
>> quasi-real time just with an arbitrary time delay.
>> A/B
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