[FFserver-user] Streaming with libx264 question

Anton warm at stack.ru
Mon May 16 12:28:04 CEST 2011

Good Day.

I would like to make streaming from DVB-S to network with transcoding stream. Using sofware in getstream (for DVB
receivig), ffmpeg (for sending streams to ffserver) and ffserver (for transcoding and straming). I actually don't know
who is transcoder here (ffmpeg or ffserver) because ffserver eats more CPU then ffmpeg and ffmpeg ignories its
parametrs when feeding to ffserver. Who is real transcoder ? :-)

I tried to record stream from getstream to file:

ffmpeg  -i "" \
        -ac 2 \
        -ab 128k \
        -b 1000k \
        -vcodec libx264 \
        -vpre medium \
        -threads 32 \
        -y test.avi

and I got that quality what I would like to stream to the network.

Can someone to give me *working* example of ffserver config witch produce the same quality stream like example above ?

Stack ltd division head
tel. 8 (3822) 555-797

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