[FFserver-user] Saving ffserver-generated asf stream

Michał Lesiak bler at earthplanet.org
Wed Oct 12 20:35:38 CEST 2011


I guess this must be some simple thing I'm overlooking, still I'm stuck 
with this.

I'm streaming a mpeg4/lihbmp3lame stream from v4l2 device, packed in an 
asf container. It works as charm when it comes to playling the stream 
(vlc on windows, mplayer on linux), but when I try to SAVE the stream, 
it doesn't work.

I've tried mplayer -dumpstream, vlc, vlc on windows, even ffmpeg -i 
mmsh://stream, all of them save first 15 seconds of the stream and then 
hang. I know this sounds strange - playing works fine, saving (dumping), 
doesn't work at all.

Only time when I'm able to save the stream is when I'm doing it within 
the irst seconds after starting ffserver. Vlc is able to 'catch on' with 
a stream and dump a couple of minutes, but it dies eventually.

I think this is ffserver problem as even ffmpeg is unable to save the 

I'm using 0.8.4 release, as it is the only release I've managed to run 
(with some twitches to asfenc.c, v4l2.c and ffserver.c), all other 
versions, including latest git clones fail with 'invalid pixel format' 
and I've run out of ideas as to

Best regards,

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