[FFserver-user] about ffserver compile by mingw/msys

Mr. Xiao 34973832 at qq.com
Mon Aug 13 14:36:38 CEST 2012

hi, everybody.
i have token the ffserver code to MS Visual Studio 2010, when i compiled the ffmpeg-0.10.0 by mingw/msys.
i compiled and run it normally.
but when i upload live data from ffmpeg to ffserver, with transfer-encoding: chunked, it can receive the data in the form of 4096 bytes per chunk. i found the packet_id 'fm' flag is OK, but the last data not correct, ie, the frame_offset always wrong, so when i use VLC to connect to my ffserver, in the http_prepare_data function, code below:
        /* find a new packet */
        /* read a packet from the input stream */
        if (c->stream->feed)
        if (c->stream->max_time &&
            c->stream->max_time + c->start_time - cur_time < 0)
            /* We have timed out */
            c->state = HTTPSTATE_SEND_DATA_TRAILER;
        else {
   AVPacket pkt = {0};
            ret = av_read_frame(c->fmt_in, &pkt);  // always return -11(AVERROR(EAGAIN))
someone please help me. thanks.
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