[FFserver-user] streaming to web-embedded players

Michal Tausk mtausk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 09:40:40 CET 2012

> On 9 February 2012 19:25, Michal Tausk<mtausk at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> Hello.
>>> I'm missing the point - how to serve streams to web-embedded players
>>> like flowplayer or flvplayer.
>>> Can ffserver stera via RTMP?
>>> Or is it enough to server flv-format via HTTP with some smart tweaking a
>>> player?
>> Hi,
>> Those embedded players don't need a streaming server. They are able to
>> "stream" on their own. I think it's progressive download.
> Progressive download does not allow to rewind the stream.
> Also, player display completely wrong time.
> I'm not sure enough, but i guess RTMP streaming support such things.
The players allow rewinding the "stream" (let's call it 
pseudostreaming). This fully depends on the player. If it progressively 
downloads the file, there's no problem to move forth and back in the 
already downloaded part. See forums on the flowplayer or other ones.

>> And yes, FFServer is used as a server to stream via RTMP and other streaming
>> protocols.
> How to configure it to do so?
> It seems like ffserver only serves http requests on port 8090
You can set the port number to whatever you like and the protocol as well.

There might be some issues here and there, and, it seems there is no 
maintainer for ffmpeg, since there are many answers missing in this 
forum. People are looking for working examples and for better documentation.

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