[FFserver-user] streaming to web-embedded players

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Fri Feb 10 09:58:06 CET 2012

>>> Those embedded players don't need a streaming server. They are able to
>>> "stream" on their own. I think it's progressive download.
>> Progressive download does not allow to rewind the stream.

> The players allow rewinding the "stream" (let's call it
> pseudostreaming). This fully depends on the player. If it progressively
> downloads the file, there's no problem to move forth and back in the
> already downloaded part. See forums on the flowplayer or other ones.

Even if the player does not cache the already played part, it could 
"resume" the download from any point. Most http-servers nowadays support 
resuming downloads. So this would be another way how rewinding could be 
done without real streaming.


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