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aykut . aykut.bos at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 20:56:02 CET 2012


i want to capture video and send/stream it in real time  to one ip
so for this work i want to use ffserver and for live feed ffmpeg
but even i spent 2-3 day i could not do so i need help
i have ubuntu 11.04

for server i use defult configiration file and
for start it ,just i command


for feed in other terminal , i command

ffmpeg -r 10 -s 352x288 -b 200000 -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0

i got result from ffmpeg

[video4linux2 @ 0x1cec690]The V4L2 driver changed the video from 352x288 to
[video4linux2 @ 0x1cec690]Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be
Input #0, video4linux2, from '/dev/video0':
  Duration: N/A, start: 4729.097152, bitrate: 0 kb/s
    Stream #0.0: Video: mjpeg, yuvj422p, 320x240, 0 kb/s, 10 tbr, 1000k
tbn, 10 tbc
Output #0, ffm, to 'http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm':
    Stream #0.0: Audio: mp2, 44100 Hz, 1 channels, s16, 32 kb/s
    Stream #0.1: Video: mpeg1video, yuv420p, 160x128, q=2-31, 64 kb/s,
1000k tbn, 3 tbc
    Stream #0.2: Audio: libmp3lame, 22050 Hz, 1 channels, s16, 64 kb/s
    Stream #0.3: Video: msmpeg4, yuv420p, 352x240, q=2-31, 256 kb/s, 1000k
tbn, 15 tbc
Could not find input stream matching output stream #0.0

and from server

Tue Feb 14 21:50:05 2012 - - [GET] "/feed1.ffm HTTP/1.1" 200 4149
Tue Feb 14 21:50:05 2012 - - [POST] "/feed1.ffm HTTP/1.1" 200 0

what i did wrong???

if somebody can help me, i will be glad

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