[FFserver-user] Setting up ffmpeg on a shared server

Nick Putman nickharambee at me.com
Fri Jan 6 11:15:25 CET 2012


I am designing a website that has the following features:

1. The user can upload audio files which are converted on upload to MP3 for use with a jPlayer audio playlist.

2. The site contains videos which I would like to be optimised for streaming, including the HTTP Pseudo-Streaming method.

I am presuming the best way to achieve the first feature is to install ffmpeg on my server/host.  At the moment I have a shared hosting package with Hostpapa, and I am wondering whether it is possible to install ffmpeg on a shared server.  If not, what would be the best solution?  I presume my options are either to set up a home server, or pay for a more expensive remote hosting package.

I would be grateful for any advice to get this set up optimally.



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