[FFserver-user] live video streaming to many users ?

Oliver Seitz info at vtnd.de
Fri Mar 9 17:37:32 CET 2012

> I can see a delay of approx. 6-7 sec between an action and seeing the
> result on the screen.
> So my question is :
> is it possible to reduce this delay ?
> ffmpeg is making and encoding...
> ... but I wonder if ffserver is (also) making another
> decoding/re-encoding ? This could be a reason of soo much delay (because
> of the GOP).

AFAIK, ffserver does not encode. You can easily check if ffserver uses a 
lot of CPU.

Most of the delay is probably the buffering of the player at the end. 
This is neccessary, in case a short delay occurs on the internet.


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