[FFserver-user] live video streaming to many users ?

adminrezo.0441992b adminrezo.0441992b at ac-nantes.fr
Tue Mar 13 14:13:43 CET 2012

A very good news.

I just tested a cascaded configuration sucessfully.

webcam  logitech C210 USB
launching a 1rst instance of ffserver
ffserver-1 is automatically launching an  ffmpeg  instance (ffmpeg 
making acquisition of webcam)
ffserver-1 is streaming on port 8090

launching a 2nd instance of ffserver
this ffserver-2 is automatically launching an ffmpeg instance (ffmpeg 
reading the stream from ffserver-1 on port 8090)
this ffserver-2 is streaming on port 8091

ffserver-1 and ffserver-2 are physically on the same computer, because I 
don't have enough space in my room to handle too many computers.

customer is an XP workstation
customer-software is VLC

display delay is approx 8 sec.   (was approx. 6 sec. last week when 
touching the first stream)


Xavier COUDIN - coordinateur informatique
Lycée "Pays-de-Retz"
1 pl Joseph Girard   44210 PORNIC
tel 02 40 82 40 19    poste 167

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