[FFserver-user] streaming video + audio ?

adminrezo.0441992b adminrezo.0441992b at ac-nantes.fr
Tue Mar 13 17:50:04 CET 2012


I am now facing a new problem.
still using my  ubuntu-server 10.04 LTS

I want to use speex audio codec with my ffmpeg and ffserver
-enable-libspeex  appears when I call "ffmpeg -formats"  or "ffserver 
- libspeex1 and libspeexdsp1 libraries are installed on the system  
(apt-get install .....)
but ffserver complains that it does not know about
speex  /  libspeex  /   libsppeex1  / libspeexdsp1
how come ?
finally I realize that "ffmpeg -formats" doest not display the "EA" 
flags for this codec

trying to stream .ogg  (audio + video)
launching separately ffserver and ffmpeg
ffsever complains when receiving connexion from ffmpeg : "could not find 
codec parameters (audio: vorbis,44100 Hz, stereo,s16,64kb/s)
sending video only (without audio) from ffmpeg to ffserver is working 
(if I don't mention fps video-rate)....but can't get it working on VLC

So finally,  is there a full-tested workable configuration to send 
video+audio with ffmpeg/ffserver ?

Xavier COUDIN - coordinateur informatique
Lycée "Pays-de-Retz"
1 pl Joseph Girard   44210 PORNIC
tel 02 40 82 40 19    poste 167

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