[FFserver-user] aac bitstream not in adts format and extradata missing

Yogesh Tyagi yogesh.bit2006 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 08:29:23 CEST 2012


My ffserver.conf is as follows:

Port 8091
MaxHTTPConnections 2000
MaxClients 100
MaxBandwidth 1000000
CustomLog -

<Feed feed1.ffm>
 File /tmp/feed1.ffm
 FileMaxSize 150M
 ACL allow

<Stream test.ts>

    Feed feed1.ffm
    Format mpegts

    AudioCodec aac
    AudioBitRate 128k
    AudioChannels 2
    AudioSampleRate 48000
    AVOptionAudio flags +global_header

    VideoCodec libx264
    VideoBitRate 400k
    VideoFrameRate 15
    VideoSize 720x480
    AVOptionVideo coder 0
    AVOptionVideo bf 0
    AVOptionVideo flags2 +mixed_refs+fastpskip
    AVOptionVideo flags +loop
    AVOptionVideo cmp +chroma
    AVOptionVideo partitions +parti8x8+parti4x4+partp8x8+partb8x8
    AVOptionVideo me_method hex
    AVOptionVideo subq 7
    AVOptionVideo me_range 16
    AVOptionVideo g 250
    AVOptionVideo keyint_min 10
    AVOptionVideo sc_threshold 40
    AVOptionVideo i_qfactor 0.71
    AVOptionVideo b_strategy 1
    AVOptionVideo qcomp 0.6
    AVOptionVideo qmin 10
    AVOptionVideo qmax 51
    AVOptionVideo qdiff 4
    AVOptionVideo refs 3
    AVOptionVideo directpred 1
    AVOptionVideo trellis 1
    AVOptionVideo flags2 +mixed_refs+fastpskip
    AVOptionVideo wpredp 0
    AVOptionVideo flags +global_header
    AVOptionVideo bsf h264_mp4toannexb

    VideoGopSize 12

    Preroll 15

<Stream stat.html>
 Format status
 ACL allow
 ACL allow

<Redirect index.html>
 URL stat.html

FFServer gives error message "aac bitstream not in adts format and
extradata missing" when I feed the ffserver with following command:

ffmpeg -i temp.mpg  -vcodec libx264 -b:v 800k -acodec aac -strict
experimental -ac 2 -flags -global_header

Am I missing something in the ffserver.conf or in the ffmpeg command
or does ffserver not support streaming aac in mpegts.


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