[FFserver-user] not able to replay video from .ffm recorded earlier

Anthony Brown av at bsbc.nb.ca
Thu Sep 6 22:54:05 CEST 2012

On 12-09-06 04:12 PM, Yogesh Tyagi wrote:

> so one feed can have one video or multiple videos?can I fed same feed
> through an instance of ffmpeg multiple times(if I do this the size of
> feed keeps increasing.is the feed storing duplicate videos)? In this
> case what will happen to the data previously fed to the feed?
> The problem I am facing is that sometimes my client(say ffplay) plays
> the file from start that was fed through ffmpeg.sometimes it does not.

You need to differentiate between a 'feed' and a 'stream'.  Feeds are 
inputs to the server.  Each feed can be converted into multiple 'stream' 
formats that can be output.  All of which are stored in a single ffm 
file.  A feed is 'fed' to ffserver by an instance of ffmpeg.  Each 
'video', which I take to mean a separate feed is stored in a separate 
.ffm file.  All as specified in your .conf file.

Each 'video' requires a separate ffmpeg to 'feed' it to ffserver, and a 
separate ffm file to store it.

> If i repeat the operation of feeding the feed through ffmpeg and
> accessing the file through a client then ffserver starts giving me
> following error:
> Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to
> muxer in stream 0(or 1)
> Error writing frame to output

Not sure what that means.

> Is there any way through which I can find out what has been stored in the feed?

yes, do an ffmpeg -i whatever.ffm and it will list the goodies inside. 
Alternatively, connect to the ffserver status page 
(http://whatever.your.server.address.is:8090/stat.html) and see what is 

It would be easier to help if we knew what it was you were trying to 
accomplish and exactly what you have tried (contents of ffserver.conf, 
ffmpeg command line and output, client output etc.)


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