[Libav-user] Question about the libraries' naming and rule #16

Phil Turmel philip at turmel.org
Tue Jun 7 16:23:03 CEST 2011

Hi Lucas,

On 06/07/2011 09:47 AM, Soltic Lucas wrote:
> Hello,
> On the Legal page is written the following:
> *16. Do not rename FFmpeg dlls to some obfuscated name, but adding a suffix
> or prefix is fine (renaming "avcodec.dll" to "MyProgDec.dll" is not fine,
> but to "avcodec-MyProg.dll" is).*
> What I would like to do is building a dynamic library from the ffmpeg's
> static libraries, whose name whould be something like ffmpeg.dll. This is
> not library renaming as I'm building a new library, but I wanted to be sure
> it was ok with FFmpeg's rules.

Look again at rule #2.  If you are using the checklist, use the whole checklist.  The purpose of rule #2 is to make it easy for your end-user to replace the ffmpeg DLLs with ones they compile themself, and use your application with the substitutes.  If you make a new DLL with your own object files mixed with the ffmpeg object files, they won't be able to substitute.

There are other ways to meet the requirements of the LGPL, but they are more complicated, and the checklist won't help you.  You might even need a real lawyer.  I am not.



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