[Libav-user] ffmpeg default for -b:v ?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sun Dec 2 17:27:40 CET 2012

René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at ...> writes:

> - when encoding, say to mjpeg, what is the bitrate chosen 
> by ffmpeg when one doesn't specify a rate explicitely?


> - to obtain a .mov with approximately 4000kb/s, I need to 
> add -b:v 1000k under Mac OS X, but -b:v 2000kb/s on win32

Sounds unlikely / command line(s) and complete, uncut 
console output missing.

> why this difference 

> (and why don't I get a rate closer to the requested rate)?

Are you using 1-pass or 2-pass encoding?

Carl Eugen

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