[Libav-user] some problem in using swresample library

Rafi Fisher rafi.fisher at wywy.com
Wed Dec 5 14:51:17 CET 2012



  i have some problem when for example transcoding :
     from: mp4 file  48khz 16bit stereo  downsampled  to
     to :     wav file   11khz 16bit stereo
using swresample functions.

 i dont get the same wav file compared to the wav file i got by running the
ffmpeg.exe utility
 i use ffmpeg.exe as the standart.

 my file size is smaller & the quality of the audio less good compared to
the ffmpeg.exe wav file.

 do you have an idea why i get different results ?

 but when i transcode from mp2/mp4 to wav file without downsampling i get
excatlly the same wav file
 as i get from the ffmpeg utility

    thanks a lot rafi
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